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History of Ms. Wheelchair America

In 1974, Dr. Philip K. Wood, a Columbus, Ohio physiatrist established Ms. Wheelchair America. He had devoted his career to the treatment and rehabilitation of the functionally impaired individual, as well as the disabled.

Dr. Wood established Ms. Wheelchair America as a forum for the promotion of the achievements, as well as the needs of the mobility-impaired persons. Volunteers who are dedicated to increasing public awareness and to coordinate the non-profit program throughout the nation so that citizens disabled would be able to lead productive and meaningful lives.

Similar to the Miss America Pageant, the Ms. Wheelchair America Program is in no way a beauty contest. It is, instead, a competition to select the most accomplished and articulate spokesperson for Americans with disabilities. The selected representative must be able to communicate both the needs and the accomplishments of her constituency to the general public, the business community, and the legislature. She is charged with a continuing effort to educate the public regarding the dignity, productiveness and basic value of people with disabilities. She assumes the responsibility for the ongoing effort to eliminate the architectural and attitudinal barriers that prevent people with disabilities from assuming their rightful place in society.

As Ms. Wheelchair America, her duties are numerous. Each year she has the opportunity to travel, visiting advocacy groups, making public appearances and conducting television, radio and newspaper interviews in the fulfillment of her major responsibilities. These duties also include promoting awareness of the needs of people with disabilities, creating an awareness of the need of architectural and attitudinal barriers, informing the able-bodied public of the achievement of people physically disabled across the nation and promoting Ms. Wheelchair America, by assisting in the establishment of program committees in all states.

As we enter the millennium we visualize the Ms. Wheelchair America program growing and involving all 50 states to promote awareness and achievements of all people with disabilities.
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